Sunday, May 18, 2008

How the Winter Was Passed

In the spirit of orgy season, I figured I'd post something related to one of mine.

The first Tara Jane O'Neil I got into was probably Rodan. Incredible post-hardcore out of that thriving Louisville scene in the early/mid '90s along with others like Slint. The band included TJO, Jeff Mueller (later of June of 44 & Shipping News), Jason B. Noble (also in Rachel's & Shipping News), and then sometimes Kevin Coultas, John Weiss (not to be confused with John Wiese), & Jon Cook. TJO, of course, does solo stuff and was also in the Sonora Pine, Retsin, the King Cobra, Drinking Woman, etc. etc.

This picture might be too '90s for me to handle, or at least just the far left.

Their How the Winter Was Passed 7" has just two songs- "Milk & Melancholy" & "Exoskeleton." It was released in 1993 on 3 Little Girls Recordings. "Milk & Melancholy" was recorded in September of '92 and "Exoskeleton" in June '93.

"Milk & Melancholy" might be my favorite Rodan song. It's a lot shorter than most, but it's a pretty concise predictor of what was to come.

Rodan released one LP, Rusty, before calling it quits. Luckily, their members continued to make music. TJO is now based in Portland and is still putting out prettiness- by means of sound as well as visual art.

Rodan- How the Winter Was Passed

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