Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Bags

Thursday night was pretty insane. Check out some of Rob's footage. And speaking (er writing I guess) of Rob, he'll be guest dj'ing along with Andy this week. Dan will be in the week after that.

In high school X was one of my favorite bands. I think I was in ninth grade when my sister's friend Ari first played Los Angeles for us, and since then I have never stopped loving them. Basically if you're a girl growing up in Southern California and you like punk, it's impossible not to be into this band. Read Lee's super-long rant about this over at cookie cutter.

Anyway, X were my first introduction into the Dangerhouse catalog and remain my favorite. Lately though I've been listening to a lot of the Bags. I like to think of the Bags as the snot to X's sass. And you know how much Christa and I love snotty girls... actually I may not have given that rant on this blog, but basically snotty girls are the best.

All Bagged Up is pretty much what it sounds like- it's all of the band's recordings between 1977 & 1980... the Dangerhouse recordings and then a bunch of live stuff, rehearsals, demos, and alternate takes.

The Bags- All Bagged Up

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