Thursday, January 29, 2009

Social Circkle

I don't know if the hype has really extended outside of Boston that much, but Social Circkle were kind of the shit here. I say "were" not because they're totally broken up, but they barely ever play shows anymore because one of them moved to New York. They've got a couple shows coming up though: today and on Valentine's Day (maybe a little bit of a change of pace from my Magnetic Fields date last year). I'd don't think I'm going to be able to go tonight, which really sucks, because Brain Handle, Wasted Management, & Dry Hump are also playing. So go in my place please.

I could give you the standard "'77 +'81 blah blah blah" description, but I'll let you just listen to them if you haven't already. Also, I have to leave now.

Social Circkle- demo
Social Circkle- Live at Record Hospital Fest 2008
Get I've Got Afflictions from No Way

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