Monday, January 12, 2009


I had about 60 pages of writing due between Friday and yesterday, which meant a constant soundtrack of Earth, Elder, and 16 with a bit of TJO mixed in.

I don't really know a whole lot about 16, but they have a super long bio up on The essentials really are just that they were originally named "Fifteen" because they all had girlfriends who were 15, even though they were in their 20s, but then they found out there already was a band with that name, and one of the girlfriends turned 16, so they renamed the band. They also have a new album, Bridges to Burn, coming out on January 20.

Scott Case compiles a bunch of out-of-print material. It has tracks from their self-titled double 7", the Sailrabbit 7", and the Preoccupied 7". Jeffry told me that the band never actually approved it. The stuff was recorded in 1992 & '93, but the CD (I think it just came out on CD as a comp) came out in '98.

I haven't listened to too much of 16's newer stuff, but it's more metallic/sludgey I think. I just think of Scott Case as more sludgey hardcore. Something about it always reminds me of Songs about Fucking. Probably not something most people would want to work to, but I really like to listen to it when I write.

16- Scott Case
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icoulddietomorrow said...

i bought some shit from one of the dudes in this band and, while super nice, had that kind of enthusiasm found only in those weirdos in shop class who wear nothing but black sabbath shirts. it ruled.