Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Margaret Thrasher

1. Don't forget about the Corin Tucker orgy tonight and tomorrow night! I'll get the interview online soon-ish (probably easier if you just listen up at 11:30 tonight). As internet-savvy as google blogger requires you to be, I'm not very good at all that stuff, so I might need another tutorial from Christa.
2. I'm seeing Cheeky & Screaming Females on Friday and am totally stoked. Neither band has come up here, so it'll be my first time seeing both of them. I'm also excited to see lots of New York friends!
3. Lots of things in the works right now, so stay tuned for info about shows & the like.

Now that I'm done with my papers & final, I got to go through all the records I got while I was at home & in the mail recently. I got the new Margaret Thrasher LP, Moderate Rock. I dig it, but not quite as much as their 7"s- Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret Trasher and Does It Matter?. The 7"s are out-of-print through the now-defunct Bistro Distro (the distro's label is Clarence Thomas), but I imagine you can find them through some other distributors. Try Thrillhouse, Grave Mistake, or No Idea.

I can't remember when Margaret Thrasher first caught my attention... they had an interview in the second (?) Give Me Back or maybe it's just their great name (not to be confused with the other band with the same name from England or Russia or something). The Margaret Thrasher I'm talking about are three girls & one guy from Vancouver. Before headed on a European tour, they played their last show on this side of the ocean at the end of August. So no more Margaret Thrasher, unfortunately, and I never got to see them play. That zine is at home, so I can't scan it in or anything, but you can check out another MT interview here.

I love Juls's voice. I think you can't automatically tell she's a girl, and it's real throaty which is cool. Their songs are pretty feminist and angry and sometimes pretty depressing. "Raise the Bar" (which is on the new LP too) deals with childhood sexual abuse, showing the pain, sadness, & anger that goes along with it. I would have liked to see them live because she looks pretty in your face in a bunch of pictures I've seen.

The Poet You Never Were posted these two 7"s a few months back. You should definitely check out that blog- he's got lots of good stuff up there. Anyway, I'm putting their demo from 2005 along with the two 7"s. So check it out, check out their LP, mourn the fact that they're no longer a band.

Margaret Thrasher- Are You There God? It's Me Margaret Thrasher. + Does It Matter? + Demo
Get Moderate Rock

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