Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pygmy Lush

I was really hung over yesterday after going out in East London on Thursday night... I made it to class on time, but it was pretty killer to sit through. My favorite hang over music (or really for any mood) is Des Ark, but I'm also really enjoying Pygmy Lush's new album for such a situation or just general listening.

Pygmy Lush are outta the DC area (Sterling, VA to be exact) and their six members' previous bands are some of Northern Virginia's best (post-)hardcore bands- Pg. 99, City of Caterpillar, Majority Rule, Malady, and so forth. While they have some of the same heaviness, most of the time they mix it up with the quiet.

Their newest album, Mount Hope, which came out in June on Lovitt and Adagio 830, just leaves you with the quiet. It's really gloomy sometimes, but so fucking pretty. You can get it on cassette, wax, or CD from Lovitt in the US (the CD version has a couple more tracks than the vinyl due to time constraints).

You should also check out their first album, Bitter River, on Robotic Empire. And, as I mentioned before, they'll have a split LP with Turboslut out in December on Exotic Fever. Unrelated really, but Turboslut's myspace now says their October tour is going towards the South, so major bummer on that front, but hopefully they'll come up to Boston at some point. OK, that's all for now- about to head to Career Suicide (hell yes).

Pygmy Lush- Mount Hope
Buy it from Lovitt

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