Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 22 at the Advocate: Pocahaunted + Robedoor

Pocahaunted & Robedoor are departing for their East Coast tour very soon. They'll be playing in Cambridge at the Advocate (21 South Street, Harvard Square) on June 22. Doors around 8:30. Get excited! More dates:

June 20: Less Artists More Condos, Brooklyn, NY (with Woods, Ponytail, & Pink Reason)
June 21: House show, New Brunswick, NJ (with Woods Family Creeps & Car Commercials)
June 22: The Advocate, Cambridge, MA
June 23: TBA, Northampton, MA
June 24: The Stairwell Gallery, Providence, RI (with Woods Family Creeps)
June 25: Cakeshop, Manhattan, NY (Pocahaunted only with Indian Jewelry)
June 26: Upstate Artists Guild, Albany, NY (with Thurston Moore + Bill Nace & Century Plants)
June 27: 66 Hope Street, Brooklyn, NY (with Woods Family Creeps & Religious Knives)
June 28: Adventure Island, Philadelphia, PA (with Woods Family Creeps & Weyes Bluhd)
June 29: Scarey Studios, Baltimore, MD (with Woods Family Creeps, Religious Knives, & Lexie Mountain Boys)

More info at Pocahaunted's myspace.

The two bands frequently work together; one example is Hunted Gathering.

From Digitalis:
"There's a savage battle raging in the hallowed streets of Los Angeles, being fought by prehistoric megaliths spewing lava from their mouths. These acid-tongued shamans are interested in one thing and one thing only, and that's to raze this city to the ground. Okay, perhaps it's not so apocalyptic, but hot off the heels of opening for Sonic Youth, dirt worshipers Robedoor and their native sisters Pocahaunted have unleashed an army for the ages with "Hunted Gathering." Drones painted with black holes collapse under their own weight while the archangelic voices of Pocahaunted birth a brand new world of spirit decay.

"Hunted Gathering" is both a split release and a collaboration. Each band offers up their own malfeasance while collaborating on the epic final eponymous track. The union of these two groups is a natural combination. Two members are married and run the Not Not Fun label together and they share amps and practice space, for example. But there's also something about both that is visceral and raw. Robedoor's subsonic doom is washed down with a smooth chaser of Pocahaunted's reverberating soul sounds.

Recorded by the inimitable Bobb Bruno at the NNF/Bored Fortress studio space across many moons in 2007 and mastered by Yellow Swans' Pete Swanson, "Hunted Gathering" is an essential feast for fans of doom-infused drones and Stevie Nicks. These hunting & gathering songs from the Eagle Rock air also feature appearances by the aforementioned Bruno as well as Changeling mastermind, Roy Tatum.

Climb the totem pole and let these mutant beasts put you under their psychosis spell. "Hunted Gathering" is full of antiquated sounds soaked in electric mud. Robedoor and Pocahaunted are your brothers and sisters in conjuring and the gatekeepers to a lost universe of sonic enchantment."

Come to the show in Harvard Square-- better yet, help out (just get in touch with me). Or go see them, wherever you may be.

Pocahaunted + Robedoor- Hunted Gathering
Buy it from Not Not Fun

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