Monday, April 25, 2011

Nog Watt

So I'm failing pretty hard at this whole series idea. Shit happens. There'll be another post after this before May 1. Going back in time, to an early lady-fronted hardcore band, Nog Watt released a sole 7", Fear, in 1985 and contributed to a few compilations.

In addition to the Euro hardcore instrumentation, what strikes me most with Nog Watt is Joanna's howling voice, which sometimes reminds me of early goth bands like 45 Grave. She's aggressive without conforming to stereotypical hardcore tropes. Political topics range from the contemporary to the historical to secret police and paranoia.

For further info on Nog Watt check out Kill From the Heart. Another good resource for early lady-fronted hardcore bands is the compilation series A Reference of Female-Fronted Punk Rock.

Needless to say, this 7" is long gone, but you can get a Nog Watt shirt here.

Nog Watt- Fear EP

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chris_c said...

NOG WATT - absolute classic! - thanks for the share