Friday, April 1, 2011


This post will kick off a month-long series of international, lady-fronted hardcore.

I suppose I first got into Infect when 625 put out a discography compilation, I think almost two years ago now. Had been previous into them, enjoyed reading the lyrics/song explanations in English translations when I nabbed their LP from Scot last summer. I was able to pick on some themes due to the similarity of Portuguese and Spanish, but I was certainly pleasantly surprised with a lot of the radical feminist themes-- critiques of systemic oppression, the nuclear family, relationships, and so forth.

This discography compilation is really comprehensive-- including the LP and various splits, comps, demos, etc. Thundering, fast, in-your-face all-girl hardcore, Infect were active from 1998 to 2003.

Infect- Complete Discography 1998-2003
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aboynamedstew said...

awesome! can't wait for the rest of the month. Gotta recommend Anomie (FR), Lost World/Day By Day (Ger), and No Rest (BR). Was wondering (hoping) that you might post the Pettybone demo cassette, they're from England and i keep seeing the name but can't find the music anywhere except mysp*ce. thanks, and i'm stoked to see what you've got coming up!

boredcarla said...

For those who don't know Infect was a thrash/fastcore band from Brazil. I missed saying where the band was from.

Members of the band after reaking up played in some bands like Mercedes, R├ęplica and Besta Fera.

boredcarla said...
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