Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Burning Kitchen

Wrapping up the supposedly month-long series of international lady-fronted hardcore is Burning Kitchen's 10", Damn You If You Do... Damn You If You Don't. Clearly I'm great at sticking to self-imposed schedules.

Burning Kitchen were a Swedish hardcore band from the mid-1990s through 2000. Think angular Euro hardcore mixed with some of your favorite early US or anarcho lady-fronted punk bands. Topics include punk, immigration, and sexism. Aside from this 10", now out of print, the band put out a three-part 7" series and supposedly now have a discography available.

Burning Kitchen- Damn You If You Do... Damn You If You Don't 10"

P.S. A ton of distro updates here (shameless, I know).


Agz ain't punk said...

While distribution of the discography CD is a bit limited at present, it has actually been released. Not Enough Records have it - www.notenough.se

Anonymous said...

Really want the discography cd, but the Not Enough Records shop doesn't work at the moment. Any other place selling these? Best band ever.