Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meat Joy

Well, it has been a while. Good news is that I'm settled in my new home and have quite a few posts stocked up. Credit to Baris for the introduction to this one, and to Phoenix Hairpins for the link.

Here's the sole, hard-to-track-down LP from Houston's Meat Joy. Only 1500 were pressed by Flesh & Blood Records in 1984, each with a different cover. Totally queer, totally weird, stripped down post-punk. My favorite is the ambling pop jam "Another Pair," complete with snapping; some matter-of-fact promiscuity going on here. Meat Joy add some feminist social commentary with "Slenderella" and some criticism of hardcore with "Proud to Be Stupid," which always reminds me of a quote from a Huntington Beach punk in Mark Andersen and Mark Jenkins' Dance of Days: "The geeks, the people with new wave ties… When we see someone at a gig that we don’t like, we fuck them up." I'd been curious to know how this band interacted with a lot of the queer punk bands from Texas who were similarly turned off by the whole muscle head hardcore mentality. (For more on that check out the article on queer punks in Austin in MRR's queercore issue from last October.)

Meat Joy- Self-Titled

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Wizago said...

Thanks, this is great stuff! Yet another long-forgotten '80s band way ahead of its time.