Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This one goes out to my darling friend Jess, who loves this 7" as much as I do. It's another 7" unearthed from the Record Hospital coffins, the first 7" of two by German indie pop band Blass. I know this record came out in 1990 on Bad Moon Records, but not much else beside that.

You can see a few more reviews on my lovely photobooth picture of the copy in the RH collection.

This is in many ways more of a single than an EP for me as I only ever really listen to "Bad Effect." I love the touch of art punk/indie rock they introduce from the beginning of the song with the bass line along with lazy jangling guitars and perfect pop lines like "because my heart still burns only for you." "Short Time" certainly has some hooks as well, but who really cares when you have a pop song as superb as "Bad Effect"? I know Jess would back me up here.

Blass- s/t 7"

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