Monday, June 7, 2010

Libyans- Paralyzed

Keeping a low profile these days but still one of the best bands in Boston, Libyans continue recording more than most other bands around. This time it's a one-sided, two-song 7" with an etched B-side. I'm not sure if they all look the same (got the record-release edition when they played at Record Hospital Fest), but as always, you can expect great packaging from Libyans. (Mostly I'm thinking of their airplane-equipped 12".)

Anyway, the "A-side" (really just the first song), "Paralyzed" is going to be on the band's upcoming Sorry State 12". Similar to their other 7"s, the A-side is really more of the single, the catchy more Dangerhouse-esque song where the B-side packs a bit of a harder touch. On "Paralyzed" Liz even sounds a touch snottier, at least at the beginning of the song. We've gotten some backing vocals before, but Dan (Libyans' drummer) counters Liz on "Keep Waiting." Normally I'm not a huge fan of bands releasing a single as an album teaser or whatever, but "Keep Waiting" is worth getting this record. In fact, one reviewer called it "the most poignant love song Panella has ever written." (Scroll down all the way on that link. You know it's really saying something if you've ever heard Corner Club.) In all seriousness though, from the bass line starting off the song to the perpetually scratchy guitar riffs, you want to listen to "Keep Waiting."

Libyans are mostly on a break for the summer, but hopefully you can catch the tail end of the Eunuch tour and their new 7" (Liz plays bass in that band) or Foreign Objects (Dan also drums with them).

Libyans- Paralyzed 7"
Buy it from Upstate Commerce or Sorry State

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