Monday, August 3, 2009

No-Wave Double Post: Bound & Gagged and Nervous Gender + PRDCT #11 revisited

I don't really often hype other blogs, but recently, I can't get enough of Kamikaze Tailspin.

I got a request/realized I had never upped the whole show with Screaming Females (back from April) so here it is: Screaming Females guest DJ/interview on the Record Hospital. In case you need a refresher, here's the playlist from PRDCT #11. I'm listening to it over again, and it's surprisingly competent considering I had just broken my edge & Steve gave me a 40 at the show. I'm also getting more used to listening to myself speak.

There's a bunch of things to look forward... I think right now I'm most excited to see Dead Uncles & Dylan Bredeau next Tuesday with Foreign Objects and the Waifs (aka Waifffs, new Boston band with members of Libyans, General Interest, Closet Fairies, blah blah blah).

Other than that, I'll be heading down to New York in a few weeks for a visit. I'll definitely be checking out the Big She-Bang IV on Saturday, August 15, put on by For the Birds this year. In addition to a bunch of awesome workshops, Little Lungs, Zombie Dogs, Ina! Ina! (whom I missed at the Dyke March benefit/Carnal Knowledge reunion show), Kate Ferencz, Inertia, & Full of Fancy will be playing.

The weekend after, I'll be heading down to Richmond for Best Friends Day with a car full of punks. I'm excited (I'd even venture to say beyond excited) to see Pink Razors and hang out with some BFFs.

OK... enough rambling. I get easily distracted.


I don't listen to a whole lot of no-wave, but since Chris played some Bound & Gagged on my show a few weeks ago, I've been listening to that & Nervous Gender pretty consistently. I often kind of view this kind of stuff as a novelty, but I've been enjoying these.

I'm not going to pretend I know a vast history of either of these bands. Instead, I'll give you a little bit and direct you to other places that are more comprehensive.

Bound & Gagged were an all-girl no-wave band from Boston. There's a myspace for them here that has a little bit more info.

Nervous Gender took its name because of Phranc's androgyny. I mostly know Phranc because of the Team Dresch song "Uncle Phranc." I might be a bit of a n00b, but I'll use the fact that I was negative ten years old when this band formed as an excuse. There's a pretty good wiki page for them, and you can check out the band's website for some cool fliers & things.

I'm upping the Bound & Gagged 12" and Nervous Gender's side of their split LP with Beelzebub Youth called Music from Hell.

Bound & Gagged- s/t 12" EP
Nervous Gender- their side of the Music from Hell LP