Thursday, August 13, 2009

August 12, 2009 (PRDCT #22 with Melissa and Dan)

Awesome show tonight with Dan & Melissa. Melissa packed in the riot grrrls while Dan brought the punx and tolerated our little dance party to Skinned Teen. Dan started things off with his brother's old band. I had time to pack in a couple Foreign Objects songs, and we got to hear Melissa's first band, And I Can't Wait, too. I mentioned my recent acquisition to Melissa, so we continued that celebration--she said she hadn't listen to it in a long time, but still knew all the words. If you download the show there'll be a little weird pause static thing because I had to run an emergency test something-or-other. Also, for some reason we just didn't announce very often. I think Angela will be in next Wednesday for my last week of guest DJs/summer air. Anyway, download the show for this week here.

Jake the Dog- "Jenny" | Jake the Dog (CD, 2001) | Going Forwards
Slant 6- "Time Expired" Soda Pop Rip Off (LP, 1994) | Dischord
Witches- "Young Ones" | Witches (7Inch, 2008) | Salinas
Minutemen- "Black Sheep" | Joy (7Inch, 1981) | New Alliance
Team Dresch- "Hand Grenade" | Hand Grenade (7Inch, 1994) | Kill Rock Stars

Dead Uncles- "Wholesome Sleep Deprivation" | Cut Down to Sighs (7Inch, 2009) | Self-Released (playlist)
Screeching Weasel- "Hanging Around" | Wiggle (LP, 1992) | Lookout
Abe Froman- "What's Your New Address?" | Baltimore Is Scum (7Inch, 2001) | Self-Released
Blotto- "Hunchbacked Cat" | split with Ringers (7Inch, 2008) | Snuffy Smiles
The Queers- "I Met Her at the Rat" | The Queers Grow Up (LP, 1990) | Lookout
And I Can't Wait- "The Public Execution" | split with Bob Barker Youth (LP, 2001) |† Self-Released
Punch- "Don't Start" | Punch (LP, 2009) | 625 Thrash/Discos Huelgas (playlist)

Like Rats- "All Truth" | Like Rats (7Inch, 2009) | Self-Released
The Bayonettes- "Dead End Kids" | Art of the Underground 7" Series (7Inch, 2007) | Art of the Underground
P.S. Eliot- "Incoherent Love Songs" | Introverted Romance in Our Troubled Minds (LP, 2009) | Salinas (playlist)
The Gits- "Another Shot of Whiskey" | Frenching the Bully (CD, 1992) | C/Z (request)
Huggy Bear- "February 14" | Our Troubled Youth (LP, 1992) | Kill Rock Stars (request)
Skinned Teen- "Pillowcase Kisser" | Bazooka Smooth! (LP, 1995) | Lookout
Air Fix Kits- "Flex Time" | Demo" (CD, 2008) | Self-Released
Heavens to Betsy- "Me & Her" | These Monsters Are Real (7Inch, 1992) | Kill Rock Stars
Velocity Girl- "I Don't Care if You Go" | I Don't Care if You Go (7Inch, 1990) | Slumberland
Bomber- "Lying Dogs" | Mourning (7Inch, 2009) | Cowabunga/On-High (playlist)
Frumpies- "Weird Machine" | Weird Machine (7Inch, 1993) | Kill Rock Stars
General Interest- "Capricious Youth" | Right by the Beach (12Inch, 2009) | Ride the Snake (playlist)
Green Day- "Going to Pasalacqua" | 39/Smooth (LP, 1990) | Lookout
Football, Etc.- "First Down" | First Down (CD, 2009) | Self-Released (playlist)
Rainer Maria- "Thought I Was" | A Better Version of Me (CD, 2001) | Polyvinyl

Reagan Youth- "(Are You) Happy?" | Vol. 1 (LP, 1990) | New Red Archives
Deep Sleep- "Curbside Breakdown" | Three Things at Once (CD, 2009) | Grave Mistake (playlist)
Gaunt- "Good Bad Happy Sad" | Good Bad Happy Sad (7Inch, 1993) | Bag of Hammers
Sleater-Kinney- "Don't Think You Wanna" | Sleater-Kinney (CD, 1995) | Chainsaw
The Diamond Sea- "Slow Signal" | Slow Signal (10Inch, 2009) | Yellow Ghost (playlist)
Adickdid- "Mailbox" | Dismantle (LP, 1992) | G
The Go Team- "Three Ways to Sunday" | June (7Inch, 1989) | K

Complaints- "Tired of Living" | Complaints (7Inch, 2009) | Youth Attack (playlist)
Kaia- "Sixteen" | Kaia (CD, 1996) | Chainsaw/Candy Ass
Hop Along- "Bride and Groom" | Wretches (10Inch, 2009) | Salinas
X- "Poor Girl" | More Fun in the New World (LP, 1983) | Elektra
Randoms- "Let's Get Rid of New York" | Dangerhouse Volume One (LP, 1991) | Frontier
Weirdos- "Solitary Confinement" | Dangerhouse Volume One (LP, 1991) | Frontier
Foreign Objects- "Leave Me" | Foreign Objects (7Inch, 2009) | Loud Punk/Shock to the System (playlist)
Foreign Objects- "Fixed Failure" | Foreign Objects (7Inch, 2009) | Loud Punk/Shock to the System (playlist)
Julie Ruin- "Punk Singer" | Julie Ruin (CD, 1998) | Kill Rock Stars
(brief pause for the emergency systems broadcast)
Angelic Upstarts- "Kids on the Streets" | Bootlegs and Rarities (LP, 1985) | Dojo
Logic Problem- "Sarcophagus" | City Center (7Inch, 2009) | Grave Mistake (playlist)
Dead Dog- "Worth It" | Dead Dog (12Inch, 2008) | Mauled by Tigers

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