Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Dixie Cups

In addition to sharing some genes and a love for her sassy personality, my younger sister and I share a penchant for Father of the Bride. This film introduced me to the Dixie Cups #1 hit "Chapel of Love" back in the day. While browsing youtube videos of '60s girl groups back in the spring, I discovered a new love for the Dixie Cups, this time for "I'm Gonna Get You Yet."

Those dance moves, that hair... I only wish the video were in color so that I could get the full effect of the dresses. They released their earlier music on Red Bird Records, which was also home to the Shangri-Las for some time.

The Dixie Cups- Complete Red Bird Recordings


Anonymous said...

i'm sorry if itsn't contextual with your post. but i saw domestik doktrin 7'' and i thought maybe you want to sell it. if yes, please let me know via email: because i am looking for this stuff.
here's my band profile: or


Anonymous said...

wow your little sister must be awesome then

Anonymous said...

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