Sunday, October 31, 2010


I gave this band a little bit of a shout out, and now it's time for a more proper one. Neonates are a new-ish band from the LA area. They pretty much got started when Mary wrote lyrics/recorded a few songs based on some interviews for a global sexualities class. This post is long overdue, and since I finally mailed a mix to Mary yesterday that I had been meaning to send out for a few months, I figure this should make an appearance as well.

Neonates play mid-paced post-punk with plenty of no-wavey/new-wavey yelping, as if it were Max’s Kansas City in 1979, fitting in the league of girl-fronted arty punk bands coming from the West Coast these days-- think a more no-wavey Brilliant Colors, for example. The band’s variation comes from a combo of dual guitars at times and guitar-bass at others along with Mary’s perpetually changing vocal pace. Occasional backed vocals and frequently hi-hat-happy songs = toe-tapping all the time. Perhaps Mary's killer podcasts might also hint at what her band sounds like.

They put out a split CS with Pussy Patrol from France on ClanDestine Records (UK). You can get it here. You should join me in talking them into venturing out to the East Coast for a tour (hint, hint).

Neonates- Demo

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