Wednesday, April 21, 2010

P.S. Eliot- Living in Squalor

So first things first- P.S. Eliot have a new EP on Freedom School Records called Living in Squalor. Second, they did a short but sweet tour about a month ago at this point with Virginia's the Two Funerals. They'll also be hitting the road with Football, Etc. from Houston this summer. I just about peed myself with excitement at the St. Patty's Day show (some evidence here, thanks to Rob's trusty video camera), so definitely make your way to a show in your area.

Artwork by Kate Wadkins.

As for the EP, it's pretty along the lines of Introverted Romances in Our Troubled Mines, which clearly can only be a good thing. Think Lemuria, Tsunami, Discount, and a bit more '90s indie rock. Four new songs plus the a new version of "Broken Record." I was going to say what my favorite new tracks are, but I really can't decide... "Cry Uncle," "Acid Flashbacks," "Dark," "Bear Named Otis,"-- I really don't know. With "Acid Flashbacks," Katie's voice is just so earnest at the end. "Bear Named Otis" has some of the start-stop business that I loved so much in "Sore Subject" off the LP.

I thought "Broken Record" was really a dark horse from the demo, the kind of song that doesn't jump out at you quite as much at first, but after you've been listening for the 25th time or so (I've probably listened to that about 10 times that amount), you realize just how awesome it is. I've had extensive discussions about this, and I think, like for many of my friends, the songs rerecorded from the demo will always remain in their original version in my mind, but I still enjoy hearing the more polished versions. I have to say though, I didn't have to adjust to the abrupt change in recordings, so I've eased into this version, and the EP as a whole pretty much instantly falling in love as I always do with this band.

On Living in Squalor, P.S. Eliot remain solid where they have been in the past, primarily Katie's songwriting (check out King Everything, her solo project, if you haven't already). In addition to that, I think Allison's drumming really comes together on this one, better recorded... tighter and looser simultaneously- not ever forced while remaining pretty seemlessly fluid. Will's guitar too, especially the slight scratchiness on "Bear Named Otis." I think you can really tell that this band has started to come together as their line-up has solidified, yet they haven't become stale. I always have to cut myself on from continuing to ramble about this band because really just listening to their songs will tell you more than I ever could.

Grab this 7" from Freedom School for just $5 plus $2 shipping for up to three copies, and feel free to get in touch at or paypal (probably helpful to note somewhere what you're ordering)

P.S. Eliot- Living in Squalor EP
Get it from Freedom School.


Robbie said...

Thank you!! I've been a devotee of this blog since randomly downloading the first PS Eliot album months ago, and loving it to pieces.

Anonymous said...

Any way you could post an Ackleys? The self titled is sold out on interpunk, the record label website doesn't work, and I'm not hearing back from anyone I email looking for it. I'd love to have it other than steamed on grooveshark.

Sarah said...

Just made my night. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

is there any chance you can upload the king everything stuff???