Friday, April 16, 2010

Neo Boys

I had been thinking about posting some Neo Boys over the summer, but, as with so many things, I hadn't gotten to ripping it at the station. Luckily Mary Jane (P.S. check out her new band, Neonates) sent me some goodies. I did a quick search to see if anyone had posted these before, pretty much only to find results that Grass Widow had been touting the band as an influence. Well, if you want to listen to them for that reason, then here they are. If for other reasons, here they are still.

Here's a little bit of history: "The Neo-Boys, who came from the ashes of Portland’s first all-girl punk band (Formica and the Bitches) had two proper records in their day: A self-titled 7” on Greg Sage’s Trap Records in 1981, and the Crumbling Myths LP on Joe Records in 1982. They also had a couple of songs on the classic early PDX punk comp 10/29/79, a live LP that also included the Wipers, and Sado-Nation." (by Golnar at Maximum Rock n’ Roll)

I first got hooked on their 7" after finding it among our endless number of 7"s over at the Record Hospital, but lately it's been all "Poor Man's Jungle" for me. A couple weeks ago I traded some books with Chuck who puts together the Messthetics comps. He's working on a new girl-band comp and was talking about the idea of uniquely women's music versus just working from the tradition of pre-established male tropes. Anyway, I think Neo Boys along with others like the Raincoats really exemplify this approach within sort of post-punk/art-punk realms.

Neo Boys discography

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kristin suratt said...

they're my sisters. So glad you groove on them. They were an amazing group...