Friday, June 19, 2009

Cheeky's Art of the Underground 7"

I love the idea of singles series- getting a 7" in the mail once a month = lots of fun. In reality, however, most of the time you subscribe to the series to get a couple 7"s that you actually want and then you get 10 pieces of shit in disc form. The gems you get may make it worth whatever amount you paid up front. Cheeky's Art of the Underground single is such a record.

I think I've already expressed my love for this band in every which way, and trust me, I could go on. The A side of this 7" ("Deal with It") gives you more of the 'tude from the Choke on a Cheeseburger EP. Straight-up pop punk that makes me wanna bask in the sun we had today (I wrote this a week ago- it's been raining recently... wtf happened to summer?). Messier recording than the other 7" that only adds to the charm.

"The Golden Ghost" on the flip side is a pleasant surprise. Rather than your usual pop punk jam, it's a Slingshot Dakota cover. I might leave this one to Brian, who said, "Cheeky AOTU b-side makes me want to stop writing music," and, upon discovering that the song was a cover, "i feel a little better about my own abilities now that i know it took 2 bands to create that perfection."

Outta print, but check out the Art of the Underground catalog.

Cheeky- Art of the Underground 7"


I'm digitizing a ton of stuff for the station this summer, so if there's anything you've seen played on my show that you want the whole record, give a holler.

Also, my show is going to be from 10-12 eastern on Wednesday nights this summer.

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cp said...

can i request anything you have by Reports? i only have one of their songs and i'm totally in love with it.