Tuesday, April 14, 2009

quick FEST recap

Record Hospital Fest was awesome. I could feel the Body through the floor. L'Antietam's lamps ruled all. Friday night favorites were Cheeky & Little Lungs (of course) and Dead Uncles. Pop punk is the best. Black Clouds, Thick Shakes, & DST too... Really just too many good times to write it all down. Plus I should do school right now instead. Here are some of my favorite pictures. More here (just mine, mostly from Friday night because my camera was low on batteries). There's also some from Future Breed and the Phoenix. I think there's gonna be a write-up in the Phoenix this week too which is cool. And the Herald said this last week:
"As major radio stations stay corporate and Apple plays a shell game with its song-pricing plan, it’s good to see DIY is alive and well around the Hub. One of its epicenters is Record Hospital (the underground rock wing at WHRB-FM (95.3), which this weekend welcomes 20 bands that don’t care about anything other than making great music on their terms. Descend on Harvard Square to catch the garage rock swagger of Thick Shakes, the experimental fury of Life Partners and the ferocious post-hardcore of Daniel Striped Tiger, among others. No booze, no attitude, no false promises - just good tunes."


Little Lungs

Dylan Bredeau

Thick Shakes

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