Friday, April 3, 2009

Drinking Woman

I'm a big Tara Jane O'Neil fan (quick plug, she's got a new album & a tour in May) and am always impressed by the variation in the types of bands she's played in & how long she's been making music for. I think though, in terms of variation, while Rodan were definitely harder than her solo stuff, the Sonora Pine, & Retsin, it's fairly easy to see the bridge between them, especially with the longer instrumental Rodan stuff. I can't really play favorites with all of these bands, but for me, the one that stands apart in terms of sound from the rest of them is Drinking Woman.

Drinking Woman were TJO's second band I think, though I may have the timing a little bit jumbled. To my knowledge, they only put out a self-titled 7", released on Three Little Girls, and contributed to the Go in the Dark comp (along with Slant 6, Rastro!, & the Scissor Girls), released on Christina Billotte's Mira Records, (both of which are posted below), though they might have a demo or something too. Drinking Woman were Heather Cantrell singing, Erica Bricking on guitar, Greta Ritcher on drums, & TJO on bass (though she's just credited as "Tara O'Neil" on Go in the Dark for some reason).

Whereas Retsin & the Sonora Pine give you sort of slowcore pop tunes, Drinking Woman are pretty much straight up indie rock done right. Their song on Go in the Dark is a slightly more lo-fi recording. The vocal backings throughout a lot of the song give it a slightly more pop feel but then you occasionally have someone slightly gruffer in the background switching things up.

Drinking Woman 7" + Go in the Dark

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