Monday, March 16, 2009


So this is still in print, and you can definitely find it on other blogs, but I have been listening to Cro Magnon's "Groundline" & Buckets of Bile's "Caught It Still" on repeat recently.

XXperiments is an all-girl comp put out this past fall by Ohio-based label Die Stasi. I didn't get at first that the XX is an obvious references to the whole chromosome thing, thinking that it was just sort of a hip/weird spelling of experiments. Sometimes I don't give things like this a proper chance. We got the Zola Jesus 7" at the station (she's doing a big tour this summer btw), and I waited a while to listen to it. When I finally did, I loved it, but I still didn't listen to this comp when Christa brought it in a little while later. I tend to think I don't like this sort of weird not-quite-noise variety of hipness, but I'm glad I finally gave this comp a chance.

It was originally supposed to come with a pretty awesome zine Christa tells me (she heard from U.S. Girls). They all wrote pretend bios for each other, but the guy who runs the label said it was too girly (which seems weird since that's kind the whole point of the comp). Well, we all know I am into girly shit. Anyway, there's hardly any album art to go along with it as a result- weak.

As I mentioned before, the highlights for me are by far Cro Magnon & Buckets of Bile. Cro Magnon are from Lafayette, Indiana, and you can check its two members' solo work on XXperiments. Haley Fohr plays solo as Circuit des Yeux and Kate Leming as Bird. Buckets of Bile is just one girl from New York.

Buy it from Die Stasi

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