Friday, February 20, 2009


I'll be doing Parker's show tonight from 3:30-5 am, so tune in: all pop, pop punk, grrrls, etc. after seeing Acid Reflux, General Interest, Get Laid, & Foreign Objects (first Boston show!).

Sinks seem to be kind of your typical drunk, Midwestern punks playing fuzzy garage-y punk, but they're more than that. I think Terminal Boredom can say it much better than I:
"It's not too often these days that the words 'lo-fi, 'garage-punk, and 'kick ass' come together in the perfect harmony that Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder nauseatingly sang about in their 1982 number one hit, but I'm happy to say that on this record they combine as smoothly as a swig from a rum bottle mixed in-mouth with a sip of Coke. What sets the Sinks apart from the pack are great songs and the fact that they kick ass. That later point is key. Whenever I listen to this record, I'm taken with just how much these songs rock. No exploration of sonic vistas, nary a trace of hip weirdness, and a pronounced lack of innovation - and so much the better for it. We've all heard fast, loose, cheap, dirty punk rock before, but like pizza and sex, when it's great it's still awesome every time."

They're talking about Sinks' first 7" that came out on Fashionable Idiots in October 2007. It was recorded live on a two-track to add just the quality necessary for these kinds of things. The first press sold out really quickly from the label, but it seems like they still have some of the second. They put out another 7" on the same label this past summer, but it's gone for now.

If you haven't checked out Fashionable Idiots at all, it's worth your time. Lots more fuzzy Midwestern punks, a touch of power pop, and some hardcore too.

Sinks EP
Get it from Fashionable Idiots

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-kevin said...

Sinks are so fucking good. One of my favorite bands around here.