Thursday, February 26, 2009


I've been listening to some of the MAXIMUMROCKNROLL radio podcast things the last couple days. They have a couple pretty awesome lady punk specials up here. The more recent one has a bunch of post-punky, dancey things that I don't really listen to that much on my own (though I probably should), but whenever I do, I really love it. They played one track that was reissued on the Grlz comp, which we got in at the station last fall (came out in '05 though I think). The subtitle of Grlz is appropriately "Women Ahead of Their Time."

Though Grlz jumps around a little bit in space & time, ranging from the English Slits in 1979 to Brussels immigrant Anna Domino in 1988. The album still remains cohesive sonically though with feet-tapping high hats typical of art punk. You get synth-driven songs like "Softness" by Dorothy, more reggae/dub ones like "Fade Away" by New Age Steppers, or my ultimate dance song from that era, Delta 5's "Mind Your Own Business." (The beginning of the Wanna Buy a Bridge comp with "Alternative Ulster" and that are my favorite beginning to a dance party.) Grlz gives you the expected with the Slits and Bow Wow Wow for example, but also uncovers a few you might not already know.

While Grlz of course can't compare to something like Wanna Buy a Bridge or Cut in terms of importance in a scene, it provides a pretty good historical retrospective. I'm not going to delve into all of that, but there's a thorough history up here.

Grlz: Women Ahead of Their Time
Get it from Crippled Dick Hot Wax

On an entirely unrelated note, Turboslut will be playing in Boston on March 7. It'll also be Red Thread's last Boston show. I'll post more details when I know. Lots of news on Screaming Females + RECORD HOSPITAL FEST 2009 to come soon. Also, check out Foreign Objects. They're a totally awesome new post-punky band with Terry from the Conversions on vox, Meghan from Ampere on bass, Melissa from Red Thread on guitar, and Dan from Libyans on drums. I saw them play with Get Laid, General Interest, & Acid Reflux this past Friday, and it was awesome. They have a demo tape, which is now on the Record Hospital playlist.

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