Friday, March 21, 2008

March 20, 2008: Colors

Gray Matter- 4 a.m.
Red Monkey- 50 Hour Week
Neptune- Blue Glass (playlist)
Silver Daggers- Ghosted
Clusterfuck- Condition Red
Dangerloves- Lipsmart (playlist)
Pink Razors- Disapproval Rating
Scapegrace- Suck on the Dead
High Places- Head Spins (playlist)
Yum Yum Tree- Grey Day
Viva Knievel- Boy Poison
Brutal Knights- Katie Wants Cock
Greyhouse- November 26th
Plunger- Swallow Tale
Life at These Speeds- Younger Monkey (playlist)
Comper David joined the show again....
What Happens Next?- War Elephant
Bengeorge 7- Just to Make You Cry
SNFU- Real Men Don't Watch Quincy
Wounded Knee- Hand
XX- No Nonsense
Coleman- Nimrods
In First Person- Shades of Grey (playlist)
Lickgoldensky- Gordon Conrad
Kites- Exploded Face
The Sads- Busy Moons
More from David....
Yage- Mitglied Im Club
The Automaticans- Audrey
Mission for Christ- Pennies from Hell
Snap Krackle Drop- Mr. Potato Head
Neurosis- Pain of Mind
A Day in Black and White- There Are Objects and Objects
Chronic Seizure- Fly South
Capsule- Cobalt
Black Pus- Which Is Witch
Ima (Fucking) Gymnist- So Freakin' Juicy! (playlist)
Self Destruct- Not Your World (playlist)
Evergreen- Freight Trains and Wind Songs
Constantine Sankathi- Paint My Entire World Black
Kolya- Iditarod
The Red Scare- Automate Insection
Daitro- Nous ne participons pas tous à la même utopie (playlist)
Ordination of Aaron- Placing Last
Red Krayola- Born in Flames
Pink & Brown- Soccer Moms
Insect Warfare- Nuclear Deterrence (playlist)

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