Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 12, 2008: Children, Kids, Babies, Birth, etc.

Baroness- The Birthing
Erase Errata- Delivery
Gerty Farish- Soaring Poop
Civic Progress- Uranium Miscarriage (playlist)
Kid 606- Neema
Tetsuo- Test Tube Baby
The Automaticans- Audrey
Ima (Fucking) Gymnist- So Freakin' Juicy! (playlist)
Spitboy- The Threat
Mikaela's Fiend- Burning Brown (new, non-playlist)
High Places- Sandy Feat (playlist)
Emily's Sassy Lime- Kidstuff
The Nation of Ulysses- A Kid Who Tells on Another Kid Is a Dead Kid
Fear of God- A Life in Rigorism
Franklin- 2 Billion a.m.
Comper David joined the show:
Arab on Radar- Swimming with a Hard On
Permanent Trip- Losing Ground
Unholy Three- Ismail's Bloodline
Red Asphalt- Red Asphalt
Luxurious Bags- Airpocket
They and the Children- Watch It Go
Embassy- Said
The Sonora Pine- Baby Come Home
Cold Cold Hearts- (Yr So Sweet) Baby Donut
Des Ark- Punks in the Park (playlist)
Culturcide- Santa Claus Was My Lover (request)
Hello Astronaut, Goodby Television- Skate or Die (playlist)
Eurich- Papercut
Born Against- Mary & Child
William Martyr 17- Fire Thirteen
Acid Mothers Temple- Mammary Intercourse
Apartment 213- Instrumental (In Child Rearing)
Cattle Decapitation- Birth. Cancer. Death.
His Hero Is Gone- Marry and Reproduce
Insect Warfare- Hydraphobia (playlist)
Ex-Cocaine (playlist)

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