Thursday, November 1, 2007

One week ago: October 24, 2007

Sexy Prison- Teen Wolfes Parte Like Whitney (Harg)
HRSTA- Saturn of Chagrin (playlist)
Swirlies- Bell
Industrial Teepee- Fascism
No Age- My Life's Alright Without You
The Yah-Mos- Fuck That
Dropdead- Life in Chains
Air Conditioning- Conclusions/Concussions (playlist)
Fat Worm of Error- La Mortdans La Ville Du Bois Vert
Erase Errata- Retreat! The Most Familiar
Weekly Love Songs!
Bangs- Fast Easy Love
Milky Wimpshake- My Heart Beats Faster Than Techno
Crayon- Cupid Says
The Bartlebees- You're Still Beautiful
Honeybunch- Candy Breath
Black Lips- I Saw a Ghost (Lean) (playlist)
Three Day Stubble- (It's OK to) Lose Your Cool
Die Monitr Bats- Weaponz
Dorothy- Softness
33.3- Joanne Will
Lois- The Trouble with Me
Monster Bobby- The Postcard (playlist)
The Rosehips- Bloodstained Fur
Velocity Girl- Always
Cub- Go Fish
Jonny Cohen- Bad Driver
Slogun- Always Numb

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