Thursday, November 1, 2007

Last night's show: October 31, 2007

Tiger Trap- Alien Space Song
Wookiee- Prove Me Wrong
The Need- Jacky the Ripper
Black Lips- O Katrina! (playlist)
The Devil Is Electric- Just Doing My Job
Clikatat Ikatowi- Identity Crisis
Mouthus- The Driftless (playlist)
Twelve Hour Turn- A Letter to My Uncle
The Death of Anna Karina- Love & Anti-Christ
Assfactor 4
Jihae played some songs, and I played a couple requests from Shirley including Abe Froman.
Weekly Love Songs!
Love Bandits- Theme Song
Po!- Tina
Monster Bobby- The Postcard (playlist)
Cuppa Joe- Young Smiley Boy
El Tiante- 15 Second Crush
Old Time Relijun- Indestructible Life! (playlist)
The Bats- Round & Down
Flux of Pink Indians- Very Funny
Life at These Speeds
In/Humanity- Operation Happy Meal
Magik Markers- Taste (playlist)
Mydolls- Nova Grows Up
Air Conditioning- Conclusions/Concussions (playlist)
Rizzo- Rental Raccoon

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