Saturday, October 17, 2009


My favorite Centless Productions release would almost for sure have to be Archie and the Pukes' 7". STRAIGHT EDGE PEOPLE SUCK- happy edge day kiddos. Centless was a Cincinnati-based label, which I can only assume expired at some point in the '90s.

A close second would be the Vendabait's Crushing My World 7". I can find virtually no information on this band, but what drew me to this record in the RH library was a sticker that described it as punk by two boys and two girls (it doesn't take much more than this to sell me but it also said it was good and was written by the trusty squid). This came out in 1992; I can only assume they're also from Ohio, but as I said, I can find virtually no information on this band, and I'm too lazy to go back to the station and look at the liner notes right now (hence the tiny internet picture). If you need more convincing, there's an Avengers cover ("We Are the One")!

This is out of print, of course.

Vendabait- Crushing My World 7"

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