Thursday, February 21, 2008

Februrary 20, 2008: Body and Brains, Flesh and Blood

Coachwhips- Body and Brains
The Body- Cop Killer
Phoenix Bodies- Goddamn Pyramid Building Aliens
Man Is the Bastard- Blood Gutter
Citizens Patrol- Shit for Brains (playlist)
Gogogo Airheart- When the Flesh Hits
Ima (Fucking) Gymnist- So Freakin' Juicy! (playlist)
Child Pornography- Cold Fingers
Frumpies- Malice and Discontent
Cuddle Machines- Wardrobe Malfunction
Talk Is Poison- Draw Blood
The Hospitals- Rich People
Magik Markers- Body Rot (request)
I, Spy- Cowboys and Indians
Olde Ghost- Wasteland (playlist)
Nostril- Bewdong Canoe Start
Sinaloa- Tongue to Teeth
Insect Warfare- Mindripper (playlist)
Bucket Full of Teeth- It's a Set-Up
Neil Perry- Breathing with One Bad Lung
Scrotum Grinder- Irritable Bowl Disorder: Project Reagan
Motherfucking Titty Suckers- Dicktease
Battery- Why Is She in Pain?
Noothgrush- Judland Wastes
Frustrations- Exploding Mind (playlist)
Dahlia Seed- UFO
Stop It!!- Amen & Boys
The Red Scare- Sequenced for Explosion
Coffin Dancer- Pilgrims (playlist)
Ereshkigal- Your Guts Everywhere
Bedhead- Bedside Table
Montcalm- I Stopped Believing in Existence
Angel Hair- Second Cousin
Hair Police- Skull Mold
Life Trap- Bleak Reality (playlist)
Flatmates- Thinking of You (request)
Social Circkle- Life Crisis (playlist)
One-Eyed God Prophecy- Toddler
Wolf Eyes- Burn Your Horse Down
Han-shan- Flesh Lights and Stars

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